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10 things NYC should do now that Amazon HQ2 deal is over

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Amazon’s loss could be New York City’s gain

Scott Lynch

Amazon is pulling out of its plan to build a new headquarters in New York City.

The plan has always been controversial. Activists, local politicians, and unions railed against the back-room negotiations between Amazon, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and Mayor Bill de Blasio. One major point of contention? Nearly $3 billion worth of corporate subsidies—which are deeply unpopular but fairly common in modern politics—in the form of tax breaks and grants. If the deal progressed, the city and state would’ve essentially paid Amazon $48,000 for each of the 25,000 jobs promised. Another? The fact that Cuomo and de Blasio could find common ground to move this deal forward, even as they’ve struggled to come together on other issues.

Now that the deal is dead, what should New York do? And what if those leaders could collaborate more? We’ve got a few ideas.

1. Fix the subway

Scott Lynch

Stations are quite literally collapsing.

2. Fix the subway

Scott Lynch

It always feels like rush hour congestion.

3. Fix the subway

Scott Lynch

Trash is problematic.

4. Fix the subway

Scott Lynch

Signal delays are snarling commutes.

5. Fix the subway

Scott Lynch

Accessibility is abysmal.

6. Fix the subway

Scott Lynch

The system is facing huge deficits.

7. Fix the subway

Scott Lynch

Stairs are deadly.

8. Fix the subway

Scott Lynch

Countdown clocks are wildly inaccurate.

9. Fix the subway

Scott Lynch

Platforms are overcrowded.

10. Fix the subway

Scott Lynch

Delays are too common.

Editor’s note: This post originally joked about redirecting the $3 billion in subsidies that Amazon would have received from the city and state. Those subsidies would not be directly transferable to another project, and we have amended the article to clarify the financial relationship. We still think the governor and mayor should focus more of their attention on fixing the subway.