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A beautiful, handy guide to New York’s most iconic buildings

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54 New York City icons collected in one poster

Photos: Courtesy of Pop Chart Lab

Drawing/painting/photographing the buildings of New York City is a popular (and pretty) hobby, and the latest architectural artistry from Pop Chart Lab distills the streetscape down to 54 significant structures, from local monuments like the Washington Square Arch to the world-famous One World Trade Center to the historic Plaza Hotel. Called “Splendid Structures of New York City,” the poster orders the buildings by height and includes each building’s address, year of construction, and architectural style.

A few things to note: Pop Chart Lab used each building’s full height, including spires, so One World Trade Center is listed at 1,792 feet, not 1,776 (same goes for the Empire State Building and other skyscrapers on the chart). Additionally, the construction date is the year construction started on the building. “We decided to go with the date of construction since some buildings undergo constant or lengthy renovations/additions,” said a Pop Chart Lab rep in an email. Additionally, two buildings on the chart—the Hearst Tower and Porter House—have two dates because they are historic buildings with significant additions.

You can buy your own print for $30.