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Beam from Queens subway track impales car windshield

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The wooden beam narrowly missed piercing the driver

Getty Images/iStockphoto

A crumbling piece of subway infrastructure narrowly avoided killing a Queens driver Thursday.

What appears to be a wooden beam from the elevated 7 line crashed into a moving car on Roosevelt Avenue near the 61st Street-Woodside station, piercing the windshield of a car’s passenger seat—mere inches from the driver.

New York City Council member Jimmy Van Bramer, who represents Woodside, tweeted images of the accident, calling the scene “horrifying” and ripped straight out of New Yorkers’ worst nightmares.

“Thankfully the driver was not injured, but someone could have been killed!” Van Bramer wrote in a subsequent tweet. “There must be an immediate investigation into how something this dangerous could happen. MTA must answer for our crumbling subway infrastructure before a tragedy occurs.”

The MTA says a thorough investigation of the accident is underway.

“We take this incident extremely seriously, are conducting a full investigation into what happened, have personnel ensuring the rest of the area is safe, and are relieved that no one was injured,” said Shams Tarek, a spokesperson for the MTA.

Preliminary findings indicate that the wood that fell appears to be from a worker or supply platform that was installed beneath the tracks years ago. Workers have since dismantled and removed the platform and are checking the rest of the 7 line platform for similar structures before reviewing other elevated equipment in the system, according to the MTA.

Unfortunately, New Yorkers are no stranger to literal pieces of the subway sending them scrambling during their commutes. In June, part of the ceiling caved in at the Brooklyn Borough Hall station and in September chunks of plaster and debris littered a platform at the Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center stop.