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See Hudson Yards’s observation deck under construction

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When the viewing platform opens in 2020, it’ll bring some of the wildest views of New York City

When Hudson Yards opens to the public tomorrow, one of its most highly anticipated elements—the observation deck at 30 Hudson Yards—will still be under wraps.

The viewing platform, which hangs 65 feet off the edge of a supertall skyscraper (hence the attraction’s name, Edge), is under construction along with the rest of the KPF-designed tower, and is expected to open in 2020. But Curbed photographer Max Touhey got to visit the sky-high platform, and capture the views, which are perhaps best described as endless.

Much has been said about the observation deck’s superlatives—it’s “highest outdoor observation deck in the Western Hemisphere, and the fifth highest in the world,” according to a press release—but seeing the view from up there puts that in perspective. Thanks to its perch at the western edge of Manhattan, much of the city is visible—as far as Queens and Brooklyn to the east, and New Jersey to the west. The Empire State Building is essentially at eye level. It’s unlike anything that exists in the city right now.

The platform itself is made from 15 different pieces of steel and glass, which were assembled, puzzle-like, at the building’s apex. There are distinct sections to the deck: A set of bleachers takes visitors a little higher than the rest of the balcony (translation: even wilder views). There’s a glass triangle at the center that lets you look down onto the city below. And angled panes at the front of the deck allow people to lean out ever so slightly over Manhattan. (If you have vertigo, this may not be the place for you.)

There are other parts of Edge—a 10,000-square-foot event space with a restaurant and bar—but the views are truly the selling point. The whole thing is due to open sometime in 2020, but get a peek at the experience below.