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See the rise of Hudson Yards in just two minutes

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EarthCam’s time-lapse video shows how the megaproject came together over six years

Max Touhey

If you haven’t been to Tenth Avenue in a few years, it may seem like the Hudson Yards megaproject—the first phase of which opened today—sprung up rather quickly.

And even though it’s been in development for more than a decade, the buildings that make up the complex (five skyscrapers and a sixth that has yet to go vertical, plus the Shops and Restaurants, the Shed, and Thomas Heatherwick’s Vessel) did rise relatively quickly. Construction officially kicked off in 2012, and the first building—10 Hudson Yards—opened four years later.

Now, you can actually get a sense of what the construction process was like thanks to EarthCam, which has released a time-lapse video of construction at Hudson Yards from 2012 to today. In just over two minutes, the video shows the building-supporting platform being constructed over the West Side Yards, as well as the gleaming towers going vertical. You can see the prefabricated pieces of Vessel (which were crafted in Italy) being trucked into the site and plopped into place, like a giant Erector set. It even shows the pieces of the observation deck, which dangles off the side of 30 Hudson Yards, being put into place.

Watch the video below, and for more Hudson Yards coverage, check out our ultimate guide to the megaproject.