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Rem Koolhaas’s OMA will bring 745 rentals to Greenpoint waterfront

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The 30- and 40-story towers are part of the 22-acre Greenpoint Landing development

The towers take the shape of “a ziggurat and its inverse,” according to OMA Partner Jason Long.

The 2005 rezoning that reshaped parts of Williamsburg and Greenpoint is at work yet: The northernmost Brooklyn neighborhood will sprout two complimenting towers that stand 30 and 40 stories and are designed by OMA as a part of the megaproject called Greenpoint Landing.

The architecture firm founded by Rem Koolhaas is known for structures that appear to defy gravity, and these additions to the Greenpoint waterfront are no exception. The two residential towers embrace a Tetris-like symmetry; their facades, comprised of precast concrete and eight-foot square windows, are oriented differently on each stacked block of building to highlight the movement of the sun throughout the day.

“We have designed two towers—a ziggurat and its inverse—carefully calibrated to one another,” said Jason Long, partner of OMA. “Defined by the space between them, they frame a new view of Greenpoint and new vista from the neighborhood to Manhattan.”

The two Tetris-like towers and a standalone seven-story building will bring 745 rentals to the area. Thirty percent of those apartments will be earmarked as affordable and integrated throughout one of the two towers. Another Greenpoint Landing development site that’s still TBA will bring an additional 500 apartments to the area, capping off the full megaproject with 5,500 apartments (of which about 1,400 will be affordable.)

The towers are designed to maximize and frame Manhattan skyline views.

The two towers join a handful of complete and in-the-works buildings that will comprise the 22-acre Greenpoint Landing development, including the 359 market rate rental building at One Blue Slip, the under-construction 421 market rate rental building at Two Blue Slip, the 98 affordable rentals at 33 Eagle Street, the 93 affordable rentals at 21 Commercial Street, and the 373 market rate rentals at 37 Blue Slip, and 103 affordable rentals at 5 Blue Slip. [Update: One Blue Slip and 37 Blue Slip are one in the same. Curbed regrets the error.]

Developers Brookfield Properties and Park Tower Group tapped Marmol Radziner and Beyer Blinder Belle to design the buildings’ interiors. Marmol Radziner, who debuted its work on the East Coast with Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Quay Tower, will design the buildings’ 20,000 square feet of indoor amenity spaces as well as contribute to its landscape design. Beyer Blinder Belle will kit out the buildings’ 745 apartments, and is also serving as executive architect on the project.

The newly announced development also brings word of an expanded waterfront esplanade along the East River. Joining with the esplanade that’s been built out during former phases of Greenpoint Landing, the new stretch of public green space will be designed by James Corner Field Operations (who’s also behind the wild, native plantings of the High Line) and include a lawn, picnic area, a garden walk, and salvaged maritime pieces found at the site. Together with the already added esplanade, the new waterfront stretch will create 2.5 acres of waterfront access where previously there was none.

The development will see Eagle and Dupont streets extended towards the East River, and rise between them on the waterfront. The sites formerly served industrial uses, and have been closed off to the public. The mixed-use buildings will also have 8,600 square feet of ground-floor retail. Construction is poised to begin this summer.