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Take a look inside Ikea’s new Manhattan store on the Upper East Side

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The Swedish home goods giant will open the doors to its Ikea Planning Studio on April 15

Courtesy of Ikea U.S.

Ikea’s first Manhattan planning studio, located at 999 Third Avenue between East 59th and 60th streets, opens in a little less than a week—on April 15—and as the opening date approaches, the Swedish home goods giant has shared a look inside the space.

The 17,350-square-foot store will be spread out over three floors. But as we previously reported, this new location will not serve the same purpose as the company’s stores in Red Hook and Elizabeth, New Jersey, as it will not be a full buy-and-carry operation.

It will, rather, allow customers to order products for delivery, browse through a selection of popular items, learn about “small space solutions” (because New York apartments), and schedule consultations with Ikea design experts.

The Upper East Side Planning Studio will be one of 30 city-sized stores Ikea will develop around the world in the next three years, aiming to get closer to their customers, according to a press release.

Take a look at the outpost’s interiors, displaying a grid room and a sign on the ground floor that reads “Because sometimes your ideas are bigger than the 6 train.”

The Planning Studio will be open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Correction: This piece originally stated that the Ikea Planning Studio would be the chain’s first Manhattan store. Ikea opened a small marketing concept shop in Manhattan in the 1990s. Curbed regrets the error.