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Big reveal: $840K for an Upper West Side 1BR with terrace

Did you guess correctly?


There were plenty of guesses for this week’s Pricespotter apartment—an Upper West Side one-bedroom that comes with its own terrace—but only one commenter hit the nail on the head. That would be EllenCran, who guessed the exact asking price of $840,000—while also noting that it “will probably sell for around $750K.”

The apartment is located in a co-op building at 304 West 75th Street, which is a pretty great location, as far as the Upper West Side goes. It’s close to Riverside Park and near tons of amenities (grocery stores, culture, and the like), but away from the hustle of Broadway, one of the neighborhood’s major thoroughfares.

It’s also, as several commenters noted, a nice apartment, thanks to the terrace, the abundance of windows, and the size—around 550 square feet, as Sam Katz estimated. But it does have drawbacks, namely the kitchen (“SO tiny,” as NYCSince1983 put it), and the high monthlies. “I have a feeling it’s priced based on a list of all the positives, without a consideration for the awkwardness of the plan,” TheMarketSoftener noted.

Let’s look at the floorplan one more time: