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Big reveal: $695K for a Lower East Side 1BR co-op

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Did you guess correctly?


Yesterday, we asked you to guess the price of a co-op on the Lower East Side that has a decent amount of space, and a somewhat remote location on the neighborhood’s easternmost edges.

And today, the final price can be revealed: The apartment, located at 504 Grand Street, is asking $695,000. One commenter—coleco—guessed correctly, noting, with eerie precision, that the “architecture and floorplan suggest this is one of the early 20th century mid-rise brick [buildings] on Grand Street.” Indeed, the building dates back to 1929, and is a “Grand Dame of a coop [that] maintains its original art deco charm,” per the listing.

The true one-bedroom comes with a spacious living room and bedroom, a kitchen with modern appliances, and updated amenities in the building itself. Commenters generally gave this place a thumbs up, except for the lack of closet space.

Let’s look at the floorplan one more time: