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Lena Dunham re-lists her airy Williamsburg condo for $2.6M

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She had previously listed the three-bedroom apartment for $3 million

Photos courtesy of DDreps

Girls writer and actress Lena Dunham just listed her Williamsburg condo again, this time for $2.6 million. Back in November, Dunham had listed the apartment for $3 million. Around the same time, she told New York magazine in a profile that she had moved out of Brooklyn to the West Village. “My whole identity was, like, Brooklyn, and now I’m like, Thank you, Lord. I’m back amongst my tribe, which is like old people puttering around the health-food store,” she told the magazine.

The Gretsch Building on 60 Broadway, where the condo is located, has 12 stories and used to be a musical instrument factory; it was later converted to lofts by the late architect Karl Fischer.

Recently renovated by David Bers, the airy loft has stunning views of the Williamsburg and Manhattan bridges, East River, and Manhattan skyline. The 1,987-square-foot apartment also has three bedrooms, two and a half baths, 13-foot ceilings, and a raised platform bed “so you can wake up to views of the water and the bridge,” the listing reads.

The condo, located at 60 Broadway, is listed by Erez Rose of Compass.