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Queens Public Library to stay in Court Square location, for now

The Long Island City branch will stay in the Citigroup Building, which Amazon was planning to lease

Max Touhey |

The Queens Public Library (QPL) has reached an agreement with Citigroup to renew its $1/year sublease until March 2020 on the library’s Long Island City One Court Square branch—in a building where Amazon was supposed to set up shop.

The renewal will allow the library to stay in the 3,200-square-foot space on the ground floor of the Citigroup Building, where it’s been located since 1989. The lease was set to expire in August. As we reported back in November, Amazon was planning to lease part of the 49-story One Court Square building, and Citigroup was planning to vacate the building in 2020.

As Citi’s lease for the building expires in a year, the library will continue to look for a new location. “We are deeply appreciative of Citi’s flexibility and its decades of support for our mission,” Dennis M. Walcott, president and CEO of QPL, said in a statement. “We also will continue to engage with the owner of the building and others to explore a long-term solution.”

“This extension is a great short-term victory that will ensure the Court Square Library’s invaluable services and programs are not disrupted,” Council member Jimmy van Bramer said in a statement. “However, we must continue to advocate for enhancements and a binding, long-term solution from the building owner.”