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Trader Joe’s to open new location in the East Village

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The location on Avenue A will be the company’s ninth store in Manhattan


Trader Joe’s announced this week that it will be opening another location in the East Village at 432 East 14th Street, EV Grieve first reported. Kenya Friend-Daniel, a company spokesperson, told Curbed that the store is hoping to open to the public this year.

This will be the grocery store’s ninth Manhattan location (including its wine store on 14th Street), and will be just a couple of avenues east of the Union Square store.

As EV Grieve noted, citing City Realty and other sources, the store will be located on the lower levels of EVE East Village, a new luxury development under construction on East 13th Street, between Avenue A and First Avenue.

Back in May 2017, The Real Deal reported that the grocery store chain had signed a lease with Mack Real Estate and Benenson Capital Partners for a 8,531-square-foot space on the development’s ground floor and 14,170-square-foot space on its lower level.

And it wasn’t so long ago that another Manhattan Trader Joe’s opened its doors nearby, with the 30,000-square-foot store at Lower East Side’s Essex Crossing.

EVE East Village developers couldn’t be reached for comment.