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Big reveal: $925K for an airy East Village condo

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Did you guess the correct asking price?

Elizabeth Dooley/Courtesy of Compass

Not a single commenter surmised the correct asking price for this week’s Pricespotter apartment, a one-bedroom condo in the East Village. In fact, most of the guesses were quite a ways off from the actual retail price of this apartment: $925,000. The closest guess was $900,000, from IsItABedroom?

The apartment is located at 72 East 3rd Street, and is on the second floor of a walk-up building. It has one bedroom—one with views of the nearby New York City Marble Cemetery, a plus for some commenters—a spacious living room, and big windows (though, as REspectator noted, no cross-ventilation).

Why the lowballs in the comments? Most agreed that the common charges are already quite high, and the price—not far off from $1 million—is what you might expect from a full-service building. And while this one does have its perks, including a courtyard and bike storage, it’s not new-build.

The apartment is listed with Jesse Shafer of Compass. Let’s look at the floorplan one more time.