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Big reveal: $675K for a West Village studio with a sleeping alcove

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Did you guess correctly?

Photos by Drew Dies of Rise Media, courtesy The Corcoran Group

This week, we asked you to guess the asking price of a small West Village studio that has a cozy—but windowless—sleeping alcove. And one person who came in just under the wire hit the nail on the head: Scorpion68 got it right with a guess of $675,000.

The apartment is located at 2 Horatio Street (which some commenters apparently sussed out), a storied co-op that was built by Bing & Bing and is in a pretty stellar location. It’s one block in either direction from two subway hubs, and is close to basically everything you’d need—shops, grocery stores, parks, and more.

The apartment itself is on the small side, but as easternwestern noted, “This is a great space for a single person.” It has a built-in bed with storage below, enough space for a couch and dining area, and a perfectly nice kitchen and bathroom.

The studio is listed with Eddie Tawil of Corcoran. Let’s look at the floorplan one more time: