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Hells Angels East Village clubhouse will become rental apartments

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The building will be converted into 22 apartments at about $3,500/month

The Hells Angels longtime headquarters in the East Village.

They got the hell out of there.

The Hells Angels have sold their former 77 East Third Street clubhouse now that the once gritty neighborhood has become a millennial and tourists destination.

Real estate investor Nathan Blatter has flipped the biker gang’s once infamous haunt in a $10 million deal finalized last week that is set to transform the building into 22 one- and two-bedroom apartments priced at around $3,500/month, the New York Post reports.

The $2 million renovation will also create two retail spaces on the ground floor where the clubhouse bar was once located. One of those spaces may even pay homage to the biker gang with someone reaching out to Blatter about possibly creating a Hells Angels museum, according to the Post. A barber shop is also interested in the space.

The new owner, Lower East Side property management company Better Living, aims to complete the renovations by the end of 2020. Gear that was once used to repair the Hells Angels bikes, according to the newspaper, will be cleared out and the 16 rooms once used as a makeshift hostel by gang members will be converted into nearly two dozen rental apartments.

Better Living’s Jonathan Sondry told the Post he doesn’t plan on using the building’s history as a selling point. “I don’t think it will make a difference to young students these days,” he said.

Over the decades, the Hells Angels became a staple in the East Village. Members often hung out at famed punk dive CBGB in the 1970s and would lounge on a bench outside the clubhouse—which caused skirmishes when tourists from a nearby hostel began using it.

Federal authorities tried to seize the building after a drug bust in 1985—arguing that the bikers used the building as a base for drug deals—but a jury quashed the effort in 1994.

More recently, members of the group were implicated in a 2016 shooting, and the 2018 beating of a deliveryman, both over the parking spaces outside of the building that the gang used for their motorcycles.