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Clinton Hill block is officially named after the Notorious B.I.G.

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The rapper’s family members, elected officials, fans, and neighbors gathered to celebrate the street naming

John McCarten/New York City Council

The corner of St. James Place between Fulton Street and Gates Avenue, in Clinton Hill, is now officially co-named Christopher ‘Notorious B.I.G.’ Wallace Way, in honor of the legendary rapper, who grew up on that street.

Wallace’s family members, elected officials, fans, and members of the community gathered at St. James Place, on a rainy Monday afternoon, to celebrate the street co-naming. Attendees included the rapper’s mother Voletta Wallace, his son C.J. and daughter T’yanna, City Council member Laurie Cumbo, Brooklyn Borough president Eric Adams, and public advocate Jumaane Williams.

“It is undeniable that when you hear the story of Brooklyn, that we have a story that no other city in the world has: It is a story of triumph,” Council member Laurie Cumbo said at the event. “During the time that Biggie created masterpieces, this neighborhood was redlined; people didn’t want to live here, people moved out of the neighborhood, they had left us to die.”

“But there were people that struggled, people that fought—now everybody in the world wants to come to Brooklyn,” she added. “That’s why this sign is important today—So that the history of why this place is what it is, so that the struggle of Brooklyn, continues to be told again and again and again.”

Advocates for the co-naming, including the Christopher Wallace Memorial Foundation, announced the event date on May 21, when the rapper would have turned 47 years old. Back in December, the City Council approved the renaming, followed by requests from advocates including LeRoy McCarthy.