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Sunshine returns to NYC this weekend after soggy week

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You remember the sun, right?

To quote Hair, “leeet the sun shine.”
Matteo Colombo/Getty Images

After several days of what felt like biblical rainfall, New Yorkers can soon swap their rain boots for swimsuits for a weekend of sunny bliss.

Balmy humidity and prolific rains have soaked the city and made for some truly terrible hair days, but New Yorkers will finally get a reprieve from the deluge with plenty of sunshine, forecasters from the National Weather Service predict.

Friday will start out with a chance for showers, but by noon the clouds with clear and skies will become mostly sunny, with the mercury hitting the high 70s. That sunny weather will continue into the weekend with highs in the 80s and cool overnight lows in the 60s for both Saturday and Sunday, says the National Weather Service.

The idlic weather comes just in time for Coney Island’s 37th annual Mermaid Parade, though the procession’s sea creatures probably wouldn’t have minded a misting. Or maybe catch an outdoor movie, partake in an outdoor fitness class, or peruse some open-air art installations.

If simply basking in the outdoors is more your speed, trek into the great outdoors for some tranquil bird watching, lounge on a beach, go for a long, cathartic stroll, or perhaps grill up some hamburgers for a summer picnic in these specific parks.

Whatever you do, enjoy the weather while it lasts because come Monday afternoon a slew of showers are expected to hit the city and continue throughout next week.