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MTA cuts Williamsburg Link bus service due to low ridership

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The new B91A will replace the existing shuttle bus service

The MTA is reconfiguring its shuttle bus service during the L train slowdown after low ridership.
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The MTA is overhauling shuttle bus service for stranded L train riders after “only two or three customers per trip, on average” utilized the route, according to the MTA’s weekly L Project newsletter.

Transit officials will replace B91 and B92 service with a shortened B91A route that will focus on connecting the Marcy Avenue station with the Bedford Avenue area since most straphangers are starting their commutes at Marcy Avenue instead of taking the bus to get there, according to the MTA.

The new B91A bus route will run every 8 minutes during peak hours.

The changes come after the bulk of L train riders have siphoned to other subway lines—J and M service has seen about 60 percent more commuters since the L train slowdown kicked off on April 26.

Currently, the “Williamsburg Link” bus service runs on clockwise and counterclockwise routes between the Bedford Avenue and Lorimer Street L stops and the Marcy and Hewes avenues J and M stations. But since few riders are relying on the buses to shuttle them to the subway, the MTA is altering the service.

The new shuttle bus, which is still free, will run every 8 minutes during peak hours, and will continue the current late night and early morning frequency of every 10 minutes. Two new stops are also slated for Driggs Avenue at Grand Street and another on Roebling and Grand streets.

Riders can take the B24 for a direct connection between the Metropolitan Avenue and Lorimer Street area to the Marcy Avenue station, or hop on the Q59 to the new B91A route at Grand Street.

The new service will begin Saturday, June 8.