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MTA unveils draft for Bronx bus network redesign

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16 percent of Bronx commuters rely solely on buses


On Wednesday, the MTA released its draft plan to improve the Bronx’s bus network, following months of presentations and public feedback.

Nearly 16 percent of Bronx’s commuters rely solely on buses and “more Bronx bus customers board a bus per hour of service than any other borough in the city,” the MTA said. The Bronx bus network has 57 bus routes, approximately 2,400 stops, and an average bus speed of 6.58 miles per hour.

The plan’s goals include improving speeds, reliability, and streamlining routes that “have not changed in decades.” Some of the transportation authority’s proposals, outlined in the plan’s draft, include removing stops at some routes to improve speed; shortening some routes; and implementing a Central Business District Tolling (CBDT)—which would entail charging vehicles when they enter Manhattan south of 60th street— to reduce congestion and encourage Bronx residents to use alternative modes of transportation.

“We have an historic opportunity to create a bus network for this city that goes where customers need to go and truly serves them,” NYC Transit president Andy Byford said in a statement. “The Bronx is undergoing a transformation, and our bus network will evolve with our customers’ needs.”

The transportation authority will now be holding eight public open houses in June to answer questions on the plan and get additional feedback from the borough’s residents before releasing the final plan in September. The MTA is also encouraging Bronx residents to submit their comments on the plan online.

Nearly two months ago, the authority announced its plans to redesign Queens’s bus network, after completing a comprehensive overhaul in Staten Island.