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Big reveal: $950K for a bright Williamsburg condo

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Did you guess the correct asking price?

Rise Media, courtesy The Corcoran Group

The guesses for this week’s Pricespotter apartment—a Williamsburg condo listed as a one-bedroom, located in the neighborhood’s south side—were all over the map, but ultimately Trustafarian got it right with their guess of $950,000.

The apartment is located at 138 Broadway, and is listed as a one-bedroom, one-bathroom. As some commenters pointed out, calling it a one-bedroom is spurious at best; the “bedroom” is a small windowless space with pocket doors that open up into the living room, and there’s a Murphy bed—not something commenters enjoy—that provides a space to sleep. (“This is really just a studio with the ability to hide the bed when guests come over,” said TheMarketSoftener.)

But there are some pros, like tons of closet space, and it’s “bright and airy and perfectly livable,” as NYCSince1983 put it. It’s located at 138 Broadway, close to Bedford Avenue and in the shadow of the Williamsburg Bridge. It’s listed with Bruce Henderson and Michelle Maryk of Corcoran.

Let’s take a look at the floorplan one more time: