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New exhibit captures ‘slightly surreal’ portraits of NYC’s architectural icons

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The series presents iconic landmarks in surreal moments of solitude

Amid the bustle of Grand Central Terminal, commuters can pause to admire New York City’s architectural gems with a new exhibition honoring the city’s landmarks.

The exhibit, dubbed “Landmark City” by photographer Marc Yankus, lines the terminal’s east dining concourse with a selection snapshots capturing the boroughs’ iconic buildings. Grand Central Terminal makes for a unique venue, as the Beaux Arts building itself was designated a landmark in 1967 and lends to the nostalgia of the photo installation.

“Their power resides more in the realm of sensation than explicit narrative…where imagination and documentation meet,” said Yankus.

The Flatiron Building
Courtesy of Marc Yankus

Buildings like the Dakota or the Flatiron Building are shown in dream-like moments without the crush of people that typically line their perimeter. The result is peaceful portraits of the city’s most visited and beloved sites.

The MTA hopes the show, which is on display for a year, inspires travelers to pause and reflect on the city’s architectural heritage as they move through the city.

“This exhibit allows us to continue to engage our riders with dynamic works that inspire, and hopefully induce a pause or smile along their journey,” said MTA Arts and Design director Sandra Bloodworth in a statement.

The Dakota
Courtesy of Marc Yankus