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You can now find Lime bikes in NYC in Google Maps

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Lime’s dockless bikes (and e-scooters, if you’re in New Jersey) will now show up in Google Maps

A woman wearing a backpack rides an e-scooter along a waterfront pathway with the New York City skyline in the background. Photo by Gary Hershorn/Getty Images

As of this week, it be slightly easier to find Lime’s dockless bikes—currently in use in the city in Staten Island’s North Shore and the Rockaways—in Google Maps.

The micromobility company announced today that its two-wheelers will now appear as a transit option in Google Maps, surfacing the locations of nearby bikes, along with crucial information like how much of a charge they have, how many are in a particular location, and the estimated time it will take to use a Lime to get to your destination.

And if you cross the Hudson into Hoboken—where a scooter-sharing program piloted by Lime began earlier this year—the electric scooters will show up as a transit option for short trips, too.

Dockless modes of transit are still something of a novelty in New York City, with freestanding bicycles—which don’t need to be locked into a dedicated rack at the end of your ride—currently limited to a handful of neighborhoods in Staten Island, the Bronx, and Queens.

Those bikes will leave the city in September, but the Department of Transportation is currently exploring launching another pilot program in Staten Island, where more than 60,000 trips have been taken since the original pilot began last summer.

Scooters, meanwhile, are still a non-starter in the five boroughs, despite lawmakers recently voting to legalize them in New York state. But they’ve proven popular in Hoboken: Lime reports that there have been 250,000 trips there since the program launched in May.

The functionality is currently only available on Android phones, but will roll out to iOS at the end of the month.