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These NYC buildings have the most elevator complaints

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The list of buildings includes two in Manhattan, three in Brooklyn, and five in the Bronx

A view of NYC buildings from above.

On the heels of the elevator malfunction that killed a man in Kips Bay this week, home search platform has published a list of New York’s ten residential buildings with the highest number of elevator 311 complaints over the last year.

The list includes two buildings in Manhattan, three in Brooklyn, and five in the Bronx:

  1. 1750 East 14th Street, Brooklyn, 92 complaints
  2. 751 Gerard Avenue, Bronx, 75 complaints
  3. 1980 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Boulevard, Manhattan, 69 complaints
  4. 512 East 145th Street, Bronx, 45 complaints
  5. 87 Melrose Street, Brooklyn, 45 complaints
  6. 137 West 141 Street, Manhattan, 44 complaints
  7. 1716 Avenue T, Brooklyn, 39 complaints
  8. 1114 Morris Avenue, Bronx, 39 complaints
  9. 1975 Birchall Avenue, Bronx, 37 complaints
  10. 2185 Bolton Street, Bronx, 33 complaints

“In a city of skyscrapers and high-rises, New Yorkers constantly have to take elevators,” Nir Gonen, data scientist at, said in a statement. “They get routinely inspected, but when finding a home you definitely don’t want to deal with broken elevators, long waits, forced stair trips or even worse.”

The website builds a predictive model to see if a building is likely to have a broken elevator in the future. But aside from websites like New Yorkers can search the Department of Buildings online database to check their building’s records.

The fatal accident took place in Manhattan Promenade at 344 Third Avenue on Thursday, when the elevator the 30-year-old man was exiting dropped and trapped him. The building had a history of malfunctions and had been fined by the Department of Buildings, city records show.