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Trump International Hotel and Tower may see new signage

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The Trump Organization is considering a proposal to rebrand the building’s residences

A sign that reads “Trump International Hotel and Tower” in large white letters. Andriy Blokhin/

First, Trump Soho was rebranded the Dominick Hotel, and last October, condo owners in the Upper West Side won a legal fight to remove the “Trump Place” sign from their building. That decision came just a month after a New York Times analysis found that Trump-branded tourist sites were seeing a decline in revenues and attendance.

Now, the Trump Organization is considering changes to the signage on the Trump International Hotel and Tower—the first hotel to bear the president’s name, and the only one left in the city—the New York Times reports.

Donald Trump Jr., the president’s eldest son and an executive vice president of the Trump Organization, proposed using the building’s address, One Central Park West, for the branding of the building’s private residences—keeping the Trump name in the hotel—though the company will continue to manage the property. According to the Times, the move is part of a larger renovation project and follows demands from some residents of the building who want to get rid of the Trump name.

In June, during a private meeting, some condo owners said that the president’s polarizing name had lowered the value of their investments in the building, sources told the Times.

The changes will likely include removing the sign, which reads “Trump International Hotel and Tower,” from the entrance of the building and replacing it with another sign that clearly shows the separation between the hotel and the residences, also making the One Central Park West lettering more prominent, the New York Times reported.

In order for the branding changes to go through, those who want the name removed would need to elect a new board—one that would approve the proposal.

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