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An incredibly gilded apartment in the Plaza Hotel seeks $45M

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The opulent apartment is positively covered in gold leaf detailing

Gold leaf detailing is everywhere—even around the television.
Photos courtesy of Douglas Elliman

There are opulent New York City condos—and plenty of ‘em—and then there’s this four-bedroom combo unit at the Plaza Hotel.

The word that comes to mind when looking at the listing photos for this apartment, which is listed for $45 million, is gilded: There’s gold leaf detailing on nearly every single surface that could be detailed with gold leaf, including the walls, ceilings, moldings, and even the entertainment center. (And, apparently, even the television.) Per the listing, there are also custom decorative touches throughout: “exotic stone” in the bathroom, crystal chandeliers in basically every room, “beautifully scrolled ironwork” in the foyer, and so on and so on.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the apartment is linked to Olga Kogan, the wife of Russian billionaire Valery Kogan, who reportedly owns part of Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport. According to city property records, an LLC tied to Kogan bought the two units, 1007 and 1009, for just under $26 million in 2007 and 2007; the company also owns a third, smaller apartment that’s not included in the property.

The apartment has four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms, including a master suite with its own walk-in closet and over-the-top bathroom with floor-to-ceiling onyx finishes. The apartment also has one very unique perk: The living room incorporates one of the Plaza’s turrets.

It’s listed with Tal and Oren Alexander of Douglas Elliman; maintenance and common charges come in at $7,069/month.

The foyer has custom inlay floors and an ironwork grill—all of which is, of course, gilded.
Crystal chandeliers hang in many of the rooms.
The bedroom has Central Park views. Also, more gold.
A wood-paneled library still has plenty of gold to go around.
“Exotic stone” and “floor-to-ceiling imported onyx” can be found in the master bathroom.
Compared to the rest of the apartment, the kitchen is subdued.

The Plaza

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