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Upper East Side Beaux Arts townhouse seeks $55M

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That’s $51 million more than it last sold for in 1991

The grand living room on the parlor floor of 10 East 62nd Street features a fireplace and ornate molding.
The triplex’s grand living room oozes Beaux Arts glamor.
OLR and RARE Photography for Silvette Julian, Compass

An ornate Upper East Side townhouse is on the market for $55 million, a whopping 1,275 percent more than the $4 million it last sold for some 30 years ago.

Since its last purchase, the townhouse at 10 East 62nd Street has been divided into three apartments consisting of a triplex, a duplex, and a penthouse that are all currently occupied. (Yup, the townhouse is being sold as an investment opportunity.) It also offers a penthouse common space with a lounge, terrace, balcony, and kitchen.

The house between Fifth and Madison avenues last traded to an anonymous LLC tied to a family of Greek shipping magnates in 1991, according to the New York Post. The roughly 5,600-square-foot triplex apartment appeared on the market in 2015 as a $60,000/month rental. (Talk about investment opportunity.)

The stately property was commissioned in the late 1800s by lawyer and onetime director of the Metropolitan Opera House Edmund Lincoln Baylies, and built as part of a row of eight by Breen and Nason. Hoppin, Koen & Huntington were the home’s architects.

The entrance features a sweeping stone staircase and wrought iron railing with gold gilding.
The triplex’s front entrance showcases the townhouse’s grand details, like its wrought iron railing with gold gilding.

Three of the seven other townhouses in the group, 12-16 East 62nd Street, were listed together in 2015 as an aspiring megamansion for $120 million. In a past life the townhouse was part of the Fleming School, a renowned Upper East Side girls school that shuttered in the early 1990s.

The townhouse is nothing short of resplendent, with hand-painted murals, French windows, and cathedral ceilings appearing throughout. So too do 24-carat gilded panels, because what better use is there for gold than to adhere it to the walls and ceilings of the unspeakably wealthy. Compass has the listing.

The penthouse common space lets out onto a balcony overlooking the city, but also has views towards Central Park.
The penthouse common space offers views of Central Park.
The floorplan for 10 East 62nd Street’s triplex apartment. Compass
A floorplan for 10 East 62nd Street’s third and fourth floor duplex. Compass
The floorplan for 10 East 62nd Street’s fifth and sixth floor duplex. Compass

The fifth and sixth floor duplex.