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Boerum Hill townhouse made famous on ‘Talk Stoop’ wants $3M

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The lovely house on Wyckoff Street appeared in many episodes of Cat Greenleaf’s interview show

The stoop in question, made famous on Cat Greenleaf’s chat show.
Courtesy of Douglas Elliman

If you’ve ever taken a taxi or stayed up a little too late with your TV running in the background, it’s likely that you’ve seen an episode of Talk Stoop, which features New York celebrities chatting about their latest projects on—you guessed it—a city stoop.

For several years, the stoop in question belonged to Cat Greenleaf, who created the show in 2009 and hosted it for close to a decade. Now, Greenleaf is selling the Boerum Hill townhouse that gave the series its name for $2.995 million.

The home, located at 12 Wyckoff Street, was constructed at the turn of the 20th century, and while the stoop is the most famous thing about it, there are plenty of other lovely decorative details—and some that are supremely quirky. How quirky? There’s an enormous chess set in the backyard; a Harry Potter-style cubbyhole cut beneath a staircase; chairs that are shaped like giant bunches of bananas; and more.

The house is split into two residences: The owner’s unit, which occupies the parlor floor and the level above that, has three bedrooms (one of which has an enormous walk-in closet), one and a half bathrooms, and access to a terrace and the backyard. On the ground floor, there’s a separate two-bedroom apartment with its own kitchen, washer/dryer, and backyard access.

The house at 12 Wyckoff Street is listed with Kurt Vikki of Douglas Elliman, and you can check out a virtual tour here.

The owner’s duplex has a kitchen outfitted with beamed ceilings, exposed brick, and new appliances.
A small cubbyhole was cut below the staircase in the owner’s duplex.
The kitchen of the duplex leads to a terrace above the backyard.
Presumably, a buyer could remove the giant chess set if they want to use the backyard as an actual backyard.
One of the bedrooms also has a large walk-in closet.