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For $625K, a Pocket-Size Scandinavian-Inspired Studio in Soho

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The space was overhauled by Norwegian model Sophia Lie and is selling furnished.

A dusty pink couch in a living room with a window and a glass coffee table. Photos: Nick Glimenakis/Courtesy of Yesim Ak, Compass

Welcome back to the Six-Digit Club, where we take a look at a newish-to-market listing priced under $1 million, because nice things sometimes come in small packages. Send nominations to the tip line.

Price: $625,000
Location: Soho, Manhattan

The rare Soho apartment for well under $1 million (even studios in the area have a median asking price of $850,000), this studio sits on the fifth floor of a six-story walk-up. The Renaissance Revival tenement building is one of 157 structures that make up the Sullivan-Thompson Historic District, which originated as a residential rowhouse neighborhood in the early 19th century and grew into a vibrant Italian-American community a century later. 110 Thompson Street is on the same block as Vesuvio Playground and is just minutes from Dominique Ansel Bakery, the Chobani Café, the Apple Store, and the Spring Street A/C station.

Specs: Studio, 1 bath

Norwegian model Sophia Lie bought the unit back in 2014 and transformed it into what she calls her “Scandinavian oasis in NYC.” (You can see “before” photos in this old listing.) The tiny, Instagram-ready apartment features exposed white brick, pale oak wood floors, marble, and custom cabinets in the kitchen. (It’s selling furnished, so you’ll get the glass table and dusty-pink couch too.) Lie says she took some space-maximizing inspiration from boat design, building in drawers under the sofa and bed platform and adding several sleek closets and open shelves.

An alcove in a studio with a small bed, white exposed brick, pale oak floors, and a window.
There’s built-in storage all over the unit.
A kitchen with white cabinetry and a small window.
The kitchen comes with a dishwasher, mini-fridge, and built-in Verona oven.
A living area with pale oak floors, a dusty pink couch, and a glass coffee table.
The unit, selling furnished, includes a dusty-pink couch and tiny dining set.
A kitchen with pale oak floors and white cabinetry.
In true Scandi fashion, the interiors are heavy on white and pale wood.
A living area with a glass table, a hanging green lamp, and white walls.
All-white cabinetry and exposed white brick can be found throughout.
A bathroom with white walls.
The bathroom features a glass-door shower with a wooden seat.