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Amazon HQ2

Amazon leases Hudson Yards office space less than year after HQ2 debacle

The e-commerce titan remains interested in the Big Apple.

Tech firms lease major Manhattan real estate in 2019

Companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Apple could continue to drive the trend.

Amazon seeks distribution hub in Queens: report

The company is reportedly checking out an industrial site in Maspeth that’s currently being cleared for new development.

Amazon scopes out Midtown West office space: reports

The tech giant may be looking for office space in Manhattan

New York voters say losing Amazon HQ2 was a bad move: poll

Voters say Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the biggest "villain" in the HQ2 debacle, says a Siena College poll

Cuomo personally appeals to Jeff Bezos to bring Amazon HQ2 back to NYC

Will the campaign to get HQ2 back to NYC work?

Amazon’s NYC departure leaves Long Island City development site’s future uncertain

A parcel of land on the Long Island City waterfront was due to get housing and schools before Amazon swooped in

NYC landlord reportedly paid protestors at rally decrying Amazon’s HQ2 about-face

Video shows a man in a suit handing out cash to protestors while thanking them for coming

In Long Island City, mixed reactions to Amazon’s abrupt HQ2 about-face

"I think they were pennywise and pound foolish"

Amazon HQ2 and NYC: A timeline of the botched deal

How the deal came to be, and came to fall apart

Amazon HQ2 v. NYC is a lesson on the importance of transparency

A branding expert unpacks how Amazon canceling its New York headquarters impacts the company and city’s image.

With Amazon HQ2 deal dead, what’s next for Long Island City real estate?

"Without Amazon, the future remains very bright"

Amazon cancels HQ2 plans for New York City

The HQ2 deal had come under fire in recent weeks

What will NYC lose after Amazon HQ2 deal crumbles?

Here are the commitments Amazon is taking with it

Here’s how people are reacting to Amazon pulling HQ2 from NYC

The deal is off, and reactions have been swift

10 things NYC should do now that Amazon HQ2 deal is over

Amazon’s loss could be New York City’s gain

Amazon’s HQ2 deal with New York, explained

Everything you need to know about Amazon’s deal with New York

Amazon supporters in Queens push back on HQ2 opposition

Four public housing leaders vowed to support Amazon’s HQ2 plans in Long Island City

Amazon HQ2: NYC deal being reconsidered after fierce opposition

Legislators and grassroots activists have come together to oppose Amazon’s new headquarters in Queens

Amazon says NYC HQ2 won’t benefit from opportunity zone tax breaks

The tech giant will not take part in a much-criticized program intended to defer taxes on capital gains

City Council spars with Amazon, EDC over HQ2 cost concerns

"This seems like vulture, monopolistic capitalism at its worst," the City Council speaker said

Amazon mails open letter to New Yorkers touting HQ2 benefits

"The only reason they’re mailing these out and spending this money is because our voices of opposition have been heard and felt," said one City Councilmember.

Amazon HQ2 tax breaks scrutinized by city comptroller

Comptroller Scott Stringer has issued a request to the EDC for information that would help him fact check the numbers behind the deal.

City Council seeks to bar Amazon-style NDAs in future development deals

The legislation argues that the Amazon NDA undermined democracy.

Amazon’s HQ2 is already pushing Long Island City home prices higher

The Amazon HQ2 neighborhood isn’t the one being most heavily marketed for its proximity by real estate listings.

At first City Council hearing over Amazon HQ2, venting but few answers

The hearing did little to shed light on what, if anything, will change in Amazon’s deal with New York

I ‘Amazon’ New York? City sells out iconic logo to woo Bezos

The famous "I ❤️ NY" logo was transformed as part of the city’s bid for HQ2.

NYC will get Community Advisory Committee to guide Amazon HQ2 in Long Island City

The committee will share information and solicit community input for Long Island City’s forthcoming HQ2.

How did NYC woo Amazon to Long Island City?

The city has made public its bid for Amazon’s HQ2

A walk around Anable Basin, Amazon’s future home in Queens

The tech giant’s incoming HQ2 will erase the unique industrial landscape around Anable Basin

Cuomo, deputy mayor go on the offensive over HQ2 backlash

State and city officials who brokered the HQ2-in-Long Island City deal are responding to the backlash

Long Island City’s forgotten history

Amazon’s new home was once its own sprawling city

How Amazon can milk even more tax breaks out of HQ2

With its Long Island City site designated an opportunity zone, Amazon could reap future windfalls

Open thread: How do you feel about Amazon’s move to NYC?

HQ2 is coming to Long Island City—how do you think it will affect you?

What does Amazon owe New York City?

The tech giant has a chance to "shape what 21st century philanthropy looks like." Will it rise to the challenge?

Opponents of Amazon’s ‘unconscionable’ HQ2 deal rally in Queens

"This is the ultimate case of ‘three men in a room’"

What does Amazon’s HQ2 mean for Long Island City real estate?

Amazon’s presence will likely impact home in rent prices not just in Long Island City, but in those surrounding it and even further out

Amazon HQ2 won’t help New York’s massive inequality problem

The corporation is set to receive more than $2 billion in public subsidies while its neighbors rely on food stamps

This stream has:

Amazon HQ2 in New York City: news and updates

Everything you need to know about NYC’s bid for Amazon’s second North American headquarters