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Hi, I'm Jeremiah. I'm the editor of Flipped, Curbed's shortform section.

How dangerous are New York City’s giant street puddles?

What, exactly, is lurking in puddles—and can it actually hurt you? A podiatrist weighs in.

Should New Yorkers be worried about rats coming up through drains?

Maybe—if you live on your building’s ground floor, anyway

How safe are New York’s ubiquitous fire escapes?

New Yorkers often treat these archaic means of egress as their own private balcony, but should they?

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16 of the coolest hotel pools in NYC

Some of the city's finest swimming spots can be found at its myriad hotels, though many are open to guests only. But don't let that stop you—a dip in one of these swank pools is worth the hassle of finding a way in.

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