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10 tips for riding NYC transit like a pro

Give yourself extra time, get an app, and more tips for navigating NYC’s mass transit options.

Elizabeth Street Garden’s future debated at raucous City Council committee hearing

The debate over the future of the open space—garden or affordable housing—is now in the City Council’s hands

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The L train “slowdown” begins today: What you need to know

Everything you need to know about the 15-month closure of service between Brooklyn and Manhattan.

DOT will implement Amsterdam Avenue safety improvements despite community objections (updated)

"When there’s the safety of my constituents on the line, I don’t think the delay is an option"

Elizabeth Street Garden redevelopment debated at tense public hearing

Supporters of the garden and those who’d prefer to see affordable housing on the site faced off

Building a bike network in south Brooklyn

The historically car-friendly neighborhood has seen an uptick in interest from cyclists

Cyclist’s hit-and-run death spurs outcry from bike messengers, calls for street safety improvements

"Riding a bicycle on the street should not be a death sentence"

In Long Island City, mixed reactions to Amazon’s abrupt HQ2 about-face

"I think they were pennywise and pound foolish"

Inside the fight over the Elizabeth Street Garden

Park advocates want to keep the unique green space, while affordable housing champions say it’s needed for low-income seniors

The L train shutdown is no more: Transit advocates weigh in

"Subway riders are sick of being lied to and jerked around"