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For centuries, pandemics have shaped NYC’s built environment

New York has dealt with epidemics before—and those outbreaks led to infrastructure changes and housing reforms.

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New York City’s 20 oldest buildings, mapped

The city's oldest building dates to 1652

Everyone has their own ‘Home Alone 2’

What role do movies play in helping us understand a version of New York that is no longer with us?

It’s time to ban cars from Manhattan

If we want to alleviate NYC’s traffic woes, we need to start with Manhattan; and instead of small steps we need to take one big leap: ban cars.

A walking tour of 1949 Greenwich Village

In the footsteps of Henry Lanier and Berenice Abbott.

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Law & Order’s New York was never real

New York City is a constant character in the long-running series, but it’s a simulacrum of the real thing.

The winding history of Donald Trump’s first major Manhattan real estate project

The Commodore Hotel was a key remnant of Midtown’s Terminal City.

Co-op City at 50

The largest cooperative apartment complex ever built has a fascinating history.

Long Island City’s forgotten history

Amazon’s new home was once its own sprawling city

How Wall Street became Wall Street

Named for a wall that once ran across Manhattan, the street is on the verge of change.