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The most famous residents of New York City's cemeteries

Meet the notable actors, musicians, politicians, and others who call NYC’s cemeteries home

The ultimate guide to the High Line

Everything you need to know about Manhattan’s popular park

Know your legislators: a guide to NYC’s elected officials

Wondering who your representatives are—from the state to the city level? Here’s a primer, complete with quick and easy ways to get in touch with them.

What it’s like to canoe on Brooklyn’s most polluted waterway

The Gowanus Dredgers, the canal’s unofficial stewards, lead regular boat tours of the fetid waterway.

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Where to find 14 of New York City's festive Christmas trees

This time of year, the city bristles with more giant evergreens than a forest in the taiga.

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50 essential books about New York City

Consider this list a starting point for anyone who wants to understand how New York became, well, New York.

The New York City transit projects that never were

From pneumatic trains to a floating airport, these never-realized projects could have dramatically altered the way New Yorkers get around.

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15 hidden gems of Prospect Park

One of Brooklyn’s best parks celebrates its 150th birthday this year—to celebrate, explore some of its lesser-known corners.

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Staten Island's coolest architectural gems, mapped

From Art Deco apartments to a Frank Lloyd Wright original, these are the borough’s most fascinating buildings.

At the New-York Historical Society, a revamped gallery traces NYC’s history

After five years of planning and three years of construction, the New-York Historical Society has unveiled the brand new Henry Luce III Center on the museum’s fourth floor.