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Nathan Kensinger is a photographer, filmmaker, and curator who has been documenting New York City's abandoned edges, endangered neighborhoods, and post-industrial waterfront for more than a decade. His Camera Obscura photo essays have appeared on Curbed since 2012.

As Red Hook’s industrial history is demolished, what comes next for the neighborhood?

The remaining vestiges of Red Hook’s industrial past are slowly being lost to development

New York’s massive storm surge barrier poses an ‘existential threat’ to city shores

"By the time the surge gets here, it’s already too late"

‘Don’t ever leave’: A native New Yorker reflects

New York native and Gothamist founder Jake Dobkin dispenses advice in his new book, ‘Ask a Native New Yorker’

On Staten Island, a massive barrier will rise to protect against climate change

New York City’s latest efforts to fight climate change underscore the reality that the city is facing a very tenuous future

Brooklyn’s most endangered buildings

Across the borough, many different types of structures are threatened with demolition

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Exploring NYC’s hidden corners with photographer Nathan Kensinger

Kensinger’s Camera Obscura column is a cultural artifact of a period of major change in New York

What will it take to bring the Bronx’s Tibbetts Brook back to life?

Daylighting Tibbetts Brook would mark the symbolic end of centuries of industrial pollution and neglect

A walk around Anable Basin, Amazon’s future home in Queens

The tech giant’s incoming HQ2 will erase the unique industrial landscape around Anable Basin

As Industry City gears up for rezoning, locals question who will benefit

A rezoning proposal seeks to create 1.3 million square feet of new commercial and industrial space

Exploring the wilds of the Bronx’s Hutchinson River

A hike along the Hutchinson River is a study in contrasts