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Nathan Kensinger is a photographer, filmmaker, and curator who has been documenting New York City's abandoned edges, endangered neighborhoods, and post-industrial waterfront for more than a decade. His Camera Obscura photo essays have appeared on Curbed since 2012.

A remote corner of Staten Island braces for major changes

Wetlands remediation and the presence of a new Amazon warehouse are transforming Staten Island’s west shore

Would an enormous storm surge barrier save NYC’s coast—or destroy it?

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has proposed a radical fix for storm surge along New York’s shores

How will rezoning transform Governors Island’s evolving landscape?

Like most of the rapidly changing waterfront of New York City, this liminal landscape may soon be radically transformed

Exploring Inwood’s wild shoreline, now threatened by rezoning

The recent rezoning of Inwood, one of Manhattan’s "last affordable neighborhoods," has the potential to dramatically reshape the neighborhood

NYC’s new waterfront parks represent the erasure of its industrial past

The old working waterfront has almost completely disappeared as the city realizes its new vision for the coastline.

At Storm King, artists contemplate the threat of climate change

Contemporary artists have filled the 500-acre sculpture park with pieces that tackle the changing natural landscape

Saying goodbye to the old Essex Street Market

A stroll through today’s Essex Street Market is still a comforting visit to an older Manhattan.

Can the Gowanus Canal’s industrial past be saved?

As a neighborhood rezoning looms, many of the industrial structures around the Gowanus Canal are threatened.

In Staten Island, a remote wilderness is threatened by encroaching development

Touring the urban wilds of the Sharrotts Shoreline on Staten Island’s southern end.

Exploring Brooklyn’s last remaining dry docks

As New York’s once-industrial waterfront becomes more residential, one shipyard remains in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.