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Nathan Kensinger is a photographer, filmmaker, and curator who has been documenting New York City's abandoned edges, endangered neighborhoods, and post-industrial waterfront for more than a decade. His Camera Obscura photo essays have appeared on Curbed since 2012.

Exploring the last vestiges of Greenpoint’s post-industrial waterfront

For those who once found inspiration in Greenpoint’s gritty dead-end streets, these may be the last days for wandering freely along its abandoned coastline

What happens to Jerome Avenue after its rezoning?

The physical changes will be enormous, but the accompanying social changes could be even more disruptive.

As Columbia University moves into Manhattanville, its industrial past is erased

The vernacular architecture of West Harlem is slowly being eroded as part of Columbia University’s long-awaited expansion

The life and death of Willets Point

Over the past few years, block after block of this once-vibrant Queens community has been demolished.

A survey of Canal Street’s changing landscape

How has the city let such a vital artery become so corroded?

Visiting 10 historic NYC buildings slated for demolition

How many other structures will vanish this year?

Exploring Staten Island’s newest park, a toxic dump turned wetlands habitat

The newly opened Brookfield Park brings manmade parkland and a wetlands habitat to what was once a toxic—and illegal—dumping ground.

Hiking the wilds of New York City's longest stream

One of New York’s most pristine waterways is Staten Island’s Richmond Creek, whose banks are lined with wild overgrowth.

What will it take to bring Spring Creek back to life?

The small waterway on Brooklyn’s outer edge has been on the decline for decades. Can it be saved?

Hurricane Sandy five years later: Brooklyn’s Sea Gate is stuck in a middle ground

Recovery from Hurricane Sandy has been slow in the private Brooklyn community