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Ben Shaoul

Lower East Side’s Katz’s Deli-adjacent condo gets its facade

The building is clad in a gold-dusted brick that comes all the way from Spain.

Ben Shaoul's 'attainable' Upper East Side condo debuts apartments by Bravo design star

The collection of condos boasts designs from celebrity interior designer Taylor Spellman.

Touring Ben Shaoul’s ‘attainable’ Upper East Side condos

The project came about after Shaoul purchased this building, which was then a rental building known as Post Toscana, and its sister building in Gramercy called Post Luminaria for a combined total of $270 million.

Residents at Ralph Walker Tribeca Will Be First To Get Super Fast Internet

It is the former Verizon headquarters, after all

Ben Shaoul's 'Attainable' UES Condos Launch Sales from $880K

New Looks at Ben Shaoul's High-End East Village Condos

The 32 apartments will start at $1.3 million

Construction Begins on Condos Rising Alongside Katz's Deli

Condos Rising Alongside Katz's Deli Will Start at Under $1M

New Looks at Ben Shaoul's 'Affordable Luxury' Condo

Inside Ralph Walker's Famed Tribeca Tower, Reborn as Luxury Condos

How Will Images of Naked, Painted Women Sell Condos?

The bizarre marketing campaign is for a new East Village development

Ben Shaoul's Rising East Village Condo Gets Height Boost

Ben Shaoul's UES Condo Conversion Reveals New Details