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NYC Biking

NYC is opening 12 more miles of open streets—from Fort Greene to Flushing

The city is halfway to its goal of 40 miles of streets for May

New York City rolls out next wave of open streets

New Yorkers are getting another two miles to spread out amid the pandemic.

Citi Bike rolls out expansion to the Bronx, upper Manhattan amid pandemic

Look out for 100 new docking stations in upper Manhattan and the Bronx this May.

How to get around safely during NYC’s stay-at-home order—if you must

You should stay at home as much as possible—but if you absolutely have to get around NYC, here’s how to do it safely

Citi Bike’s electric bikes return as NYC works to beef up cycling infrastructure

The blue e-bikes are back after they were pulled over safety concerns.

NYC could get bike and pedestrian mayors under new bills

The new offices would likely merge into one department if the legislation passes.

Citi Bike delays return of pedal-assist e-bikes

The Lyft-owned company says the electric fleet won’t be back for several months.

Citi Bike puts equity “front and center” with formation of new advisory board

"It’s fundamental to the success of serving the neighborhoods we want to serve," Lyft’s Caroline Samponaro says.

What do New Yorkers want when searching for a home?

Not bike infrastructure, apparently. But low crime rates and good light are a must.