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Bronx Week

An in-depth look at a borough that’s not covered nearly as frequently as Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, but that's on the threshold of major changes.

In the Bronx, finding nature along a hidden, polluted waterway

Even the most bastardized waterways in New York City have beauty hidden along their lengths, and Westchester Creek is no exception. Once described as "the Bronx’s version of the Gowanus Canal," it's now experiencing a resurgence of nature.

The Bronx’s Development Boom Continues With 72-Room Hotel

Just a few days ago, plans were announced for an 11-story hotel in Concourse Village right off of Grand Concourse. Now, on the eastern side of the Bronx, another independent developer has planned a multi-story hotel.

In Mott Haven, Two 'Failed Minimalists' Have a Home With Space to Create

Kim Phillips and Ryan Garvey knew one thing when they first started eyeing a move to New York City: they didn't want to live in Brooklyn. The creative couple settled in Mott Haven, where they now have space (and rent money) to spare.

These 5 Great Bronx Dwellings Are Asking Less Than $400,000

Compared to its more southern boroughs, $400,000 still goes a long way in New York City. Here, we've rounded up five dwellings in the borough, from a penthouse to a townhouse with parking, that are asking less than $400,000.

The Bronx's Historic Post Office Nears Its Future As a Revamped Community Hub

Youngwoo & Associates purchased the post office building in 2014 for $19 million. They are now transforming it into a community hub with restaurants, space for retails and offices. Construction work is expected to wrap up in November.

How The Bronx's Uneven Border With Westchester Came to Be

The jagged line divides some blocks between the two very different counties

3 Bronx Advocates Sound Off On Its Present and Future

Read on for interviews with notable Bronx boosters, including borough president Ruben Diaz Jr., to get a sense of what's happening in the Bronx right now, and what the future holds for this rapidly changing borough.

Kingsbridge Ice Center Developers Reject City's Compromise Offer

The city offered a 99-year lease, but with certain conditions

Vintage Photos Show a Century of Change in The Bronx

The Bronx has undergone a massive transformation in the past century, going from vast farmland to a symbol of urban blight (and renewal), all in little more than 120 years. These vintage photos show The Bronx through the past ten or so decades.

See How 11 Developments Have Transformed the Landscape of The Bronx

In the last decade, new development has revitalized long-empty pockets of The Bronx. See 11 before and after's of major projects ranging from low income and eco-friendly housing to other ambitious projects that are reshaping the borough's image.

Port Morris Waterfront Emerges From Years of Neglect

What it takes to create an accessible coastline

The Bronx's 10 Most Expensive Houses For Sale Right Now

From faux castles to inexpensive co-ops, The Bronx has it all. Here, we've rounded up the borough's priciest listings, most of which sit on sprawling estates and some of which come with turrets. That's right, folks: Brooklyn isn't the be-all, end-all.

Inside Edgar Allan Poe's Final Home in the Bronx

Did you know that one of America's greatest literary heroes—Edgar Allan Poe—wrote some of his finest work in a small, unassuming house in the Bronx? If not, learn about the Poe Cottage, a small museum dedicated to the author in the Bronx.

Looking at Marcel Breuer's Bronx Community College Campus

A common reaction to Marcel Breuer and Associates’ 1959-61 Colston Hall at Bronx Community College, an arcing slab of concrete and steel hard by the Major Deegan Expressway and overlooking the Harlem River, is, What’s that?

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10 Great Underrated Bronx Parks

The Bronx is positively teeming with green space, including smaller, less crowded spots where you can relax, sunbathe, play sports, or whatever your heart desires. Here are 10 of the Bronx's best underrated parks.

Kingsbridge Ice Center Developers Sue City For Delaying Armory Redevelopment

This isn't the first lawsuit relating to the project. In 2014, a group of co-developers had tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to wrest control of the project from current lead developer Kevin E. Parker. This lawsuit will further delay the redevelopment.

The Bronx's Concourse Village Will Get an 11-Story Hotel

The development boom in the Bronx isn't limited to commercial and residential projects—the borough is also getting a bevy of new hotels, including one in Concourse Village just off of the Grand Concourse.

Historic 19th-Century City Island Home Is Now a NYC Landmark

The item was calendared by the LPC in 2009. Last October it was reviewed with dozens of other items as part of the agency's backlog initiative. In February this year, the LPC then shortlisted 30 items for landmarks prioritization.

What $1,900 Rents in The Bronx

In this week's edition of Curbed Comparisons, we're looking at apartments asking around $1,900 in Bronx neighborhoods like Port Morris, Spuyten Duyvil, and Kingsbridge Heights. Which one would you choose? Cast your vote!

A Local's Guide to Bedford Park

The kind of place where "the more things change, the more things stay the same," Bedford Park is a bedroom community in the Bronx. Here, a 15-year resident and graduate of the neighborhood's own Lehman College shares its ins and outs.

A Local's Guide to City Island, The Bronx's Seafaring Small Town

A 25-year City Island resident dishes on his home neighborhood, offering insight into everything from the best parks to the area's (modest) development boom. The island, worlds away from NYC, is still waiting for FIOS.

A Local's Guide to Grand Concourse

Call it the Courthouse District, Bronx Center, or Stadium District, but the Grand Concourse area may be one of the Bronx's most historic areas. With its large prewar apartments, the 'hood has become a destination for those looking to sprawl out.

120 Units of Affordable Housing Planned in Morrisania

Two buildings of Affordable Housing, dubbed Thessalonia Manor, are being developed in the South Bronx. They will be available to families making under 60 percent of the AMI.

Kingsbridge Ice Center Deal In Danger of Falling Apart

Squabbles between the state and the developers on one side, and the city on the other, has prevented the project from moving forward. The development firm has until April 25 to secure the requisite funds amounting to $158 million.

Interview: Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.

In his role as Bronx Booster-in-Chief, borough president Ruben Diaz Jr. has spearheaded a number of initiatives aimed at improving the lives of Bronx residents. Here, h shares his thoughts on where the Bronx is at today.

Woodsy Bronx Mansion Built by Famed Fieldston Architect Seeks $2M

The name Dwight James Baum may not mean as much to New Yorkers as those of Stanford White or Cass Gilbert; but Baum, whose Bronx mansion is on the market for $2 million, deserves at least a modicum of praise they've received.

A Brief History of the Bronx

Though it's only been a part of Greater New Yorker since 1898, the Bronx has a much longer history than that—one that goes way further back than when Henry Hudson famously landed on New York's shores in the 17th century.

Welcome to Curbed's First-Ever Bronx Week!

Now presenting Curbed’s first-ever Bronx Week, the purpose of which is simple: to take an in-depth look at a borough that’s not covered nearly as frequently as Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, but that's on the threshold of major changes.

A Bronx Native on Why She's Disenchanted With NYC

Bronx-born Robin Nurse remembers the NYC she grew up in, and laments the loss of that sense of community.

Growing Up As a 'Freak and Weirdo' in the Bronx

Isaac Moore, a native of Co-op City, shares stories of his youthful rebellion in 1980s NYC—and how he ended up back in the Bronx as an adult.

How Comic Books Changed One Bronx-Born Manhattanite's Life

Bronx-born artist Jose Vega recalls growing up in the Bronx in the 1980s, and how comic books eventually exposed him to a world outside of the borough.

What's Next for This Abandoned South Bronx Rail Line?

Bjarke Ingels's Next NYC Project Is A $50M Bronx Police Station

A Local's Guide To Mott Haven, the Bronx's 'True Melting Pot'

After Sale, What Comes Next for the Bronx General Post Office?

A Lifelong Queens Resident Finds High Ground In The Bronx

How One Bronx Development Firm Is Putting Women First

Inside the Casitas of the South Bronx's Community Gardens

See the South Bronx Waterfront's Green, Park-Filled Future