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Citi Bike

Citi Bike delays return of pedal-assist e-bikes

The Lyft-owned company says the electric fleet won’t be back for several months.

Citi Bike puts equity “front and center” with formation of new advisory board

"It’s fundamental to the success of serving the neighborhoods we want to serve," Lyft’s Caroline Samponaro says.

Transit app slams Lyft’s attempts to ‘take over mobility’

Lyft, Citi Bike’s owner, is no longer allowing riders to unlock their bikes in Transit.

Citi Bike’s expansion in Bushwick and Ridgewood rolls out this month

Look out for 85 new docking stations in north Brooklyn and Queens this month

Citi Bike offers free month of membership to NYCHA tenants and SNAP recipients

Eligible New Yorkers can pick up a gift certificate to the blue bikes at 55 libraries

Citi Bike will expand with slow rollout to Bronx, deeper into outer boroughs

The effort will double Citi Bike’s geographic scope

Citi Bike fails to serve New Yorkers in poverty and communities of color: report

Only 16.5 percent of New Yorkers of color have access to Citi Bike

Citi Bike’s e-bike fleet won’t return until the fall

The bike-sharing program’s fleet of e-bikes will be grounded for a few more months

Staten Island could get its own dockless bike-share pilot

More than 61,000 riders have used dockless bikes on Staten Island since last summer

Citi Bike pulls its pedal-assist e-bikes over safety concerns

The company says the removal of e-bikes from NYC streets is "out of an abundance of caution"

Citi Bike will increase e-bike fleet by 4,000—and add $2 surcharge

A new, better mode of transport—but it’ll cost you

Citi Bike will get $100M from Lyft for ‘dramatic’ expansion

The move comes after Lyft officially acquired Motivate, Citi Bike’s parent company

NYC’s e-bike trial run proves immensely popular with riders

It’s been hard for Citi Bike to keep its pedal-assist bikes on the streets

Citi Bike to offer free passes on Election Day

Citi Bike’s parent company, Motivate, is hoping to encourage folks to get out and vote.

Why biking is critical for surviving the L train shutdown

Cycling is a small but important part of the larger L train mitigation plans

Citi Bike rolls out 200 e-bikes in NYC

The new electric bikes are a preview of what’s to come during the L train shutdown

NYC’s new dockless bike share program: Everything you need to know

Everything you need to know about NYC’s new dockless two-wheelers.

Citi Bike will bring dockless bikes to the Bronx this August

The company replaces China-based ofo, who recently withdrew from the dockless bike pilot program.

NYC’s dockless bike share pilot rolls out in the Rockaways

Dockless bikes from Lime and Pace will be available on the Rockaway peninsula

Lyft buys Motivate, Citi Bike’s parent company

The move signals Lyft’s interest in providing more mobility options for its users

Citi Bike will expand in Manhattan and Williamsburg during L train shutdown

More than 1,000 new bikes—including some pedal-assist electric bikes—are coming

Citi Bike turns 5 this weekend; here’s how to celebrate

The bike-sharing program celebrates its fifth anniversary with more riders than ever

NYC’s dockless bike share pilot moves forward

There are 12 companies vying to bring dockless bikes to NYC

It may have problems, but NYC transit is the best there is—here’s why

Or, how riding nearly every type of transit available to New Yorkers gave me a renewed appreciation for what we have.

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What it’s really like to be a bike commuter in NYC

Four New Yorkers who use cycling as their primary mode of transportation sound off.

I thought biking the Brooklyn Bridge would be terrible—I was wrong

Cyclists always say that biking the popular tourist destination is truly terrible, but my ride was actually almost pleasant.

Citi Bike’s Harlem expansion will kick off next week

In all, Citi Bike will add 140 new stations and 2,000 new bikes across three boroughs, in this particular expansion.

Citi Bike is giving out free day passes today

In its newest marketing push, Citi Bike has partnered with Noosa Yogurt to offer a day of free rides throughout the city, and in some cases free yogurt too.

New York City will improve safety for cyclists by adding protected bike lanes annually

The Department of Transportation will add 10 miles of protected bike lanes to city streets beginning this year.

In honor of Bike to Work Day, NYC's 5 best neighborhoods for cyclists

Unsurprisingly, Manhattan neighborhoods featured heavily in the top five with just Park Slope being the odd one out.

Citi Bike expansion into the Bronx and Staten Island in the works

Citi Bike officials are negotiating with the DOT to make the expansion a reality.

City Council proposes $50M funding to subsidize MetroCards for low-income New Yorkers

The latest proposal also calls for public funding to support a Citi Bike expansion.

New Yorkers use Citi Bike mostly for commuting: study

The busiest Citi Bike stations tend to be the ones that are closest to NYC’s major transit hubs like Grand Central Terminal, Port Authority Bus Terminal, and Penn Station.

Citi Bike had its best year ever with nearly 14 million trips

Citi Bike crushed its own records for the third consecutive year, with 2016 being the program’s most successful year yet. Over the course of 2016, riders took nearly 14 million trips.

Citi Bike expansion to Bronx and Staten Island remains elusive

DOT officials say there’s "no timetable" to expand the program into the two boroughs. Worth noting: the bike share program has already reached Jersey City.

Privately-funded Citi Bike could get public funding for expansion

Local officials are debating on whether the program should be supported through government funds.

Instagram roundup: New Yorkers take to the city by bike

Summer is a good time to hop on a bike and go for a ride around the city. And that's true even if you don't own your own set of wheels: Citi Bike is expanding into additional neighborhoods, adding 73 new docking stations.

Citi Bike reveals newest docking stations via an interactive map

On Monday, Citi Bike will begin construction on new bike docking stations in previously untouched areas of Upper Manhattan and Brooklyn. To aid costumers in locating the newest stations, Citi Bike launched an online map along with the announcement.

Citi Bike Will Roll Into Park Slope And Its Nearby 'Hoods This Summer

Starting August 2016, Citi Bike is starting it's next major expansion push — adding 140 new docking stations throughout the city. The bike sharing service wants to double its fleet from 6,000 bikes to 12,000 by sometime next year.