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NYC Filming Locations

The best NYC documentaries to stream right now

Brush up on your New York City history with these essential documentaries

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The definitive guide to ‘Home Alone 2’ filming locations in NYC

The Christmas classic was filmed all over Manhattan

Everyone has their own ‘Home Alone 2’

What role do movies play in helping us understand a version of New York that is no longer with us?

Gigantic Soho loft from MTV’s ‘The Real World’ wants $7.5M

The apartment has been owned by artist Edwina Sandys for 25 years

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Law & Order’s New York was never real

New York City is a constant character in the long-running series, but it’s a simulacrum of the real thing.

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‘Broad City’: NYC filming locations for Comedy Central’s hilarious hit

Abbi and Ilana’s high jinks take them all over New York City—see where their shenanigans take place.

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20 iconic ‘Sex and the City’ filming locations in NYC

The series premiered on June 6, 1998

Airy Soho loft featured in ‘Big’ sells for $9.75M

The Soho loft that acted as Tom Hanks’s crash pad in the 1988 movie ‘Big’ finds a buyer for just shy of $10 million.

Bay Ridge home made famous in ‘Saturday Night Fever’ seeks $2.5M

The Brooklyn home dates to the 1920s, but got a renovation in 2005.

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Mapping the NYC filming locations for HBO’s ’70s porn drama ‘The Deuce’

See where the series, about the sex trade in gritty 1970s New York, films in the five boroughs.

10 NYC documentaries to watch over the holiday break

New York is a constant source of material for filmmakers, and what better time than a holiday weekend to hunker down, avoid your family, and immerse yourself in the history of NYC?

5 real-life NYC locations that inspired ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’

Even though the movie takes place in a fictional version of New York City—where witches and wizards hide in plain sight—there are plenty of recognizable city locales sprinkled throughout.

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Mapping the NYC filming locations of 'Mr. Robot'

You may not encounter E Corp ads or fsociety graffiti tags in the real world, but there are still plenty of IRL locales New Yorkers can visit to get a glimpse into Mr. Robot's gorgeous, paranoid hackerscape. (Beware: Spoilers ahead.)

Own a piece of 'Godfather' history: blueprints for the Corleone's Staten Island compound

Calling all cinephiles! The blueprints Francis Ford Coppola used to construct the Corleone family compound on Staten Island are coming up for auction. More details and backstory, this way.

'Vinyl''s Bill Groom on Re-Creating 1970s New York City

As the production designer for such TV series like Boardwalk Empire and movies like Milk and A League of Their Own, Bill Groom has some experience translating bygone eras for modern audiences.

Lights! Camera! Action!

Lights! Camera! Action!

Roosevelt Island's Main Street Might as Well Be East Berlin

Devil Wears Prada Party Pad Returns for $5.2 Million

Breakfast at Tiffany's Townhouse Hits Market for $5.85M

Filming Locations

Gretch Penthouse Film Shoot Pits Neighbor vs. Neighbor

Mobster Mansions

Kent Avenue Gets a New Building That Doesn't Look New

Wall Street 2 Penthouse Sells to Wall Street Exec for $15M

What 20 Pine Has Been Missing All Along: James Franco!