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Friday Open Thread

What’s on your 2020 NYC development wish list?

Looking back, looking ahead

Open thread: What should Hudson Yards’s staircase be called?

Vessel is no longer, and Thomas Heatherwick’s sculpture is in need of a name

What’s on your 2019 NYC development wish list?

Looking back, looking ahead.

Open thread: How do you feel about Amazon’s move to NYC?

HQ2 is coming to Long Island City—how do you think it will affect you?

Open thread: What advice would you give to a NYC newcomer?

Sound off in the comments!

Open thread: How has your rent changed since you moved to NYC?

Sound off in the comments!

Open thread: Tell us your worst apartment stories

While apartment issues like loss of heat or pest infestation might feel singular, they’re just about as common as that 20-minute wait for the R train during rush hour.

What is New York’s most underrated building?

Sound off about the New York buildings you believe have architectural merit, but don’t get the attention they deserve.

Open thread: What places in NYC do you still call by their old name?

What are they even calling the Triboro Bridge these days?

Open thread: What’s on your 2018 NYC development wish list?

What do you, Curbed readers, want to happen in NYC in 2018?

Open thread: Show us your New York City bookshelves!

Which classic books about New York City are on your bookshelves?

Open thread: what are NYC’s biggest transit mistakes and missed opportunities?

We all know there’s room for improvement. Tell us what you think the city could have done better, or still do to make New York the easiest city to get around.

What are your best secrets for surviving NYC’s airports and train stations?

No one knows New York’s transit hubs quite like New Yorkers, so we want to know: what are your favorite tips for making it through?

Open thread: How are you preparing for New York’s summer of transit hell?

Between track work at Penn Station and myriad problems on the NYC subway, commuters are in for one heck of a summer.

Open thread: Which New York City buildings have the most beautiful interiors?

Tell us what takes your breath away.

What's the weirdest thing you've seen on the NYC subway?

From exotic pets to BS dog bags, what’s something that’s made you raise an eyebrow?

Which NYC transportation proposal do you love (or hate) the most?

There are plenty of ideas on how better to get New Yorkers from place to place, but not all of them seem worth the hassle. Let us know how you feel in the comments.

Open thread: What do you love about Staten Island?

Sound off in the comments!

Have you contributed to the dip in NYC subway ridership?

Fewer people rode the subway in 2016 than in any year previously since 2009, and officials are blaming any number of factors—but we want to hear from you, dear readers.

What burning questions do you have for a New York City historian?

No question is too big, small, or strange

Open thread: Which tech-friendly changes to NYC transportation have proven useful for you?

Welcome to Friday Open Threads, wherein we'll pass the mic to readers to speak up about topics of interest, distress, horror, etc. Today, we want to know how you feel about techy upgrades on the subway.

Open thread: What’s on your 2017 NYC development wish list?

For the past two weeks, we’ve been looking back at the biggest things that happened in New York City in 2016; but on the second to last day of the year, we’re thinking ahead to 2017. Sound off in the comments!

Open thread: Which NYC neighborhood has the best Christmas decorations?

Midtown and Dyker Heights may get all the attention, but we want to know: Where do you go to check out Christmas (or other holiday) decorations in NYC? Sound off in the comments!

What NYC building would you nominate as a 21st-century landmark?

Is there a NYC building—whether it’s a supertall skyscraper or a small municipal structure—that’s you think is worth designating a 21st-century icon? Sound off in the comments

Open thread: Share your worst broker horror stories!

Welcome to Friday Open Threads, wherein we'll pass the mic to readers to speak up about topics of interest, distress, horror, etc. This week, we want to hear your worst experiences with NYC real estate brokers.

Open thread: What’s the tiniest NYC apartment you’ve ever lived in?

If there’s one thing that New Yorkers love to commiserate over, it’s terrible or unusual living situations—and what better time than Micro Week to talk about the smallest apartments we’ve ever lived in? Sound off in the comments!

Open thread: What old-school NYC things do you hope never go away?

It seems like every week brings the news that another business or institution that's emblematic of Old New York is closing. But sometimes it’s good to celebrate the quintessentially New York-y things that are still here.

Open thread: What’s the most beautiful street in New York City?

With so many to choose from—quaint Belgian block-lined paths, picturesque alleys hidden just off of main drags, streets lined with gorgeous old homes—it may be hard to pick just one.

Open thread: What changes do you want to see in NYC’s subway system?

What changes do you want to see in the NYC subway system? Cleaner stations? Wi-Fi underground? More public art? Take any and all suggestions to the comments (and remember to play nice).

Open thread: Where do you go to beat the heat in NYC?

Man, it’s a hot one. Temperatures are expected to hit the mid-90s today, with the city issuing a heat advisory until 7 p.m. today. So we want to know: Where do you go in New York City when you really need to cool off?

Open thread: Which subway stop is the most disgusting in the summer?

Thanks to a perfect storm of terrible factors, taking the subway in the summer is perhaps one of the grossest experiences as a city dweller. But which subway station is the grossest of them all? Sound off in the comments.

What’s your favorite building in NYC?

Last week, we asked you to name the ugliest buildings in New York City, and the answers were as passionate as they were varied. This week, we want to know: which of NYC's many, many beautiful buildings do you like best?