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Upper West Side Anti-Homeless NIMBYs Raise Money, Threaten to Go to Court

One group has hired Giuliani–crony Randy Mastro, and the Legal Aid Society threatened to sue the city if the homeless are moved out.

What’s Really Happening at Homeless Shelters on the Upper West Side

Contrary to what tabloid stories might have you believe, many neighbors welcome the homeless residents staying in hotels temporarily.

Homeless New Yorkers in Shelters Face Higher Coronavirus Death Rate

Thousands of New Yorkers sleeping in shelters face a disproportionately high mortality rate during the pandemic, according to a Coalition for the Homeless report.

What $1 Billion of the NYPD’s Budget Could Do for Housing

Investing in NYCHA and permanent affordable housing for low-income New Yorkers are just some of the suggestions.

What NYC could do with its $6 billion police budget

Part of that money could go towards youth programs, housing, and homeless service, advocates say.

When the NYC subway is your home—and you’re evicted every night

Hundreds of homeless individuals are now escorted out of the subways every night, but for many, the shelters offer no respite.

NYC commits to housing more homeless individuals in empty hotel rooms

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that around 2,000 homeless New Yorkers would soon be relocated to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Empty NYC hotels should be used to house the homeless: advocates

Advocates call for the city to use 30,000 of its vacant hotel rooms to house homeless New Yorkers during the coronavirus pandemic.

How can New York City protect the homeless from coronavirus?

Advocates push for more protection for the city’s homeless population as COVID-19 cases rise in shelters.

Can NYC actually fix its homeless crisis?

Advocates and service providers weigh in on possible solutions.

City-funded housing now required to include apartments for the homeless

The bill is expected to create 1,000 new apartments for the homeless per year.

NYC pledges to end street homelessness within next five years

The city estimates some 3,600 New Yorkers live on the streets.

NYC will turn 14 more cluster sites into affordable housing

The conversion will provide permanent housing to 200 homeless families, the city says.

NYC homeless in shelters will be required to save part of their income for permanent housing

Under the new rule, the city will require working homeless individuals in shelters to save about 30 percent of their income

NYC will double down on outreach efforts for homeless individuals on the subway

The new efforts are part of a joint operation between the Department of Homeless Services and the NYPD

New York City’s housing plan falls short on addressing homelessness crisis: report

Advocates are calling on the city to build 24,000 new apartments specifically for homeless New Yorkers

Proposed Park Slope homeless shelters spark heated debate

Both shelters on Fourth Avenue are set to open in the fall

How NYC’s affordable housing crisis affects family homelessness

A new study explores the biggest factors that lead to homelessness

How Bill de Blasio’s housing record stacks up to his ‘working people’ platform

Housing issues have dogged New York City’s mayor since day one of his administration

Homeless shelter on Billionaires’ Row faces temporary roadblock

The shelter will be located at 158 58th street, right behind One57 luxury condo

City has ‘floundered’ on combating homelessness: report

The number of people staying in shelters each night is big enough to be New York’s ninth-largest city

Most New Yorkers support homeless shelters in their neighborhood: poll

Some six in ten New Yorkers say they would actually support a shelter opening in their community