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Hurricane Sandy

Lawmakers lambast NYC over preparations for next Hurricane Sandy

City Council members sparred with officials over its response amid a 4-hour hearing

Here's how NYC is preparing for the next Hurricane Sandy

See some of the infrastructure improvements and resiliency efforts put in place to protect NYC against future storms.

NYC’s outer boroughs have less flood insurance now than year after Hurricane Sandy

Flood insurance coverage has dropped in all boroughs except for Manhattan in the wake of the superstorm.

What a Hurricane Sandy recovery program can teach cities about resiliency

Rebuild by Design changed the way New York thinks about public works

NYC pol questions NYCHA’s readiness for the next superstorm

The city’s fiscal watch dog is calling on NYCHA to update New Yorkers on how it’s better prepared for storms like Sandy

NYCHA blasted for ‘string of failures’ with post-Sandy repairs on the LES

A Lower East Side lawmaker demands greater oversight of federally-funded Sandy work at public housing complexes

Hart Island restoration will finally get underway seven years after Hurricane Sandy

The restoration project will begin next month

Billions for NYC Sandy recovery has gone unspent, says comptroller report

The city has yet to spend billions in available federal aid, according to a new report by the city comptroller

Staten Island’s five-mile seawall will move forward with federal funding

The seawall will be carried out by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and New York state

Assessing the city’s Hurricane Sandy recovery program six years later

More than half of some 20,000 people who signed up for recovery aid dropped out of the program

Community board considers flood barrier park for Manhattan’s east side

The initiative is meant to prevent flooding while improving the quality of the park

In Breezy Point, a dreamy, modern beach house transforms a Sandy-stricken lot

This contemporary beachfront bungalow sits on what was once an empty lot.

The Rockaways get $145M investment to help protect it from future storms

These investments include the creation of new parks and raising the shoreline.

The night the lights went out in Manhattan

Remembering the blackout that overtook much of Manhattan in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

See how the MTA responded to Hurricane Sandy at this Transit Museum exhibit

"Bring Back the City" highlights the unseen efforts from transit workers during Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy five years later: Brooklyn’s Sea Gate is stuck in a middle ground

Recovery from Hurricane Sandy has been slow in the private Brooklyn community

Why Build It Back failed

Five years after Hurricane Sandy, and four years after the city’s rebuilding program launched, it’s still struggling.

Hurricane Sandy five years later: Rebuilding in Breezy Point

The close-knit Queens neighborhood of Breezy Point had all but burned to the ground after Sandy; now, five years on, it’s proved to be quite resilient.

Five years after Hurricane Sandy, NYC's coastal communities remain vulnerable

Years of work still lie ahead before the coast of New York City will be ready for another major storm.

This stream has:

Hurricane Sandy anniversary: How NYC has changed five years later

Photo essays, news, and more on the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy five years later: A Staten Island neighborhood transformed by ‘managed retreat’

In Ocean Breeze, recovery has meant pulling back from the shoreline

Brooklyn and Staten Island will receive $9.3M for Sandy-related repairs

28 homes have been selected in parts of Brooklyn and Staten Island for the pilot program.

Hurricane Sandy task force gets unanimous City Council approval

The task force will be charged with reporting findings on the city’s relief efforts and making suggestions against future storms.

NYCHA finally begins $63M roof repairs at Sandy-battered Red Hook Houses

The repairs are part of ongoing efforts to revitalize public housing that was damaged during Hurricane Sandy.

Rezoning could permanently curb housing in flood-prone Staten Island neighborhoods

"Managed retreat" has transformed three Staten Island neighborhoods, possibly permanently.

Staten Island neighborhoods damaged by Hurricane Sandy may be rezoned

The Department of City Planning has approved a proposal to create a "Special Coastal Risk District" to protect parts of the borough at the greatest risk of flooding.

These sculpted pods will save Red Hook from the next Hurricane Sandy

The pods will help keep Red Hook Houses powered up the next time a storm floods the low-lying neighborhood.

Sandy-related repairs to NYCHA housing may take four more years to complete

At a City Council hearing held to discuss the delayed recovery work, city officials revealed that the project may stretch all the way into 2021, nearly a decade post-Hurricane Sandy.

Sandy-related subway repairs will plague the 2/3 come spring

Brace yourselves, commuters: Another subway tunnel—the Clark St Tube, connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan—will be shut down for 56 weekends to facilitate repairs on the Sandy-damaged tube.

Four years after Sandy, Staten Island's shoreline is transformed

Staten Island is in the midst of implementing "strategic retreat" as a way of returning its damaged post-Sandy areas to nature. Here's what its storm recovery efforts can teach NYC about climate change.

City’s troubled post-Sandy repair program will miss its December deadline

Build it Back will not complete all of the home repairs it was due to finish this year

3 plans emerge for $100M flood protection system in Red Hook

Nearly four years after Superstorm Sandy devastated Red Hook, city officials have unveiled three early-stage concepts to protect the neighborhood from future storms, using a combination of permanent and deployable features to guard against flooding.

Coney Island NYCHA building finally gets $41M post-Sandy revamp

The pricey resiliency and recovery work will add backup generators, roof replacements, new electrical systems, security systems, upgraded recreational areas and playgrounds, and boilers that will be elevated above projected sea level.

Sandy-related repairs finally begin at NYCHA housing in the Rockaways

Repair work at the housing development, which is home to 400 families, includes a full roof replacement, stand-by generators for back-up power, flood-protected equipment annexes, upgraded playgrounds and recreational areas, among several others.

Deadline to Rebuild Hurricane Sandy-Damaged Homes Causes Rising Costs

Mayor de Blasio's plan to fast track the troubled Build it Back program has resulted in rising construction costs.

Solar Panels Lead NYCHA’s Sustainability Agenda

The housing authority is trying to improve operations and bring itself into the 21st century. Its goals include energy efficiency, consistent heat and hot water, eliminating pests, reducing secondhand smoke, and more.

L Train Shutdowns Could Begin in 2019

Corrosive salt water flooded the tunnel between Brooklyn and Manhattan and needs major repairs. That could mean a complete shutdown of service.

Soho Gas Station Closure Could Hurt Downtown in Emergencies

With the BP station’s closure, only one station will remain below 14th Street

Sandy-Battered Red Hook Houses Will Get FEMA Funding