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L Train Shutdown

The L train shutdown begins in April 2019—here, you'll find everything you need to know about the MTA's plans for the NYC subway during the 15-month closure of the Canarsie line. Plus, how real estate will be affected, where you should move to avoid the shutdown, and more.

L train tunnel repairs completed ahead of schedule

The project was completed nearly $100 million under budget.

L train’s First Avenue subway station gets a new entrance 

The work is part of a series of upgrades to the station and 14th Street

L train slowdown will end 3 months ahead of schedule

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel for L train riders.

Major service changes coming to L train stops to improve accessibility

The train line will almost entirely close during one upcoming weekend

L train repair costs may spike thanks to MTA’s about-face

The abrupt change of plans from shutdown to ‘slowdown’ may increase costs for structural repairs on L train stations

MTA cuts Williamsburg Link bus service due to low ridership

The new B91A will replace the existing shuttle bus service

As L train repairs loom, rents in north Brooklyn have dropped

Apartments in the neighborhoods affected by the train’s ‘slowdown’ were re-listed at lower asking rents in the first quarter of 2019

NYC will limit private cars on 14th Street during L train ‘slowdown’

Private cars will not be allowed on 14th Street except in limited cases

Is NYC ready for the L train ‘slowdown’? Transit advocates weigh in

The short answer? Not really.

The L train “slowdown” begins in a week—here’s what we do (and don’t) know about the project

How much will it cost? What’s happening with buses? And will it really be okay?

These public meetings will break down the L train un-shutdown

Transit officials will host four meetings in the West Village, Williamsburg, and the East Village

New L train shutdown plan could still be ‘disruptive,’ MTA says

The un-shutdown will still begin on April 27, but much else has changed

L train shutdown cancelation shouldn’t stop bus, bike lane upgrades, advocates say

The city has said little on if it will keep or roll back the alternative transportation improvements

New L train shutdown plan could cause major headaches for commuters 

The 15-month shutdown may have been averted, but problems for commuters will likely remain

5 key takeaways from the MTA’s emergency L train shutdown meeting

MTA board members grilled engineers on Cuomo’s surprise anti-shutdown plan at an emergency meeting

MTA schedules emergency public meeting to discuss Cuomo’s L train shutdown plan

The meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 15

Cuomo’s new L train plan will get independent review, says Byford

The NYCT president said he will not be "steamrolled" into rushing a review of the suddenly-announced plan

Brooklyn renters saved $6.4M thanks to L train shutdown hype

North Brooklyn renters who signed 2018 leases are the biggest winners in wake of the L shutdown cancelation.

L train shutdown: Will alternative transportation improvements survive?

NYC should still move forward with cycling network, transit service, and pedestrian safety improvements developed to mitigate the shutdown—even if it never happens

The L train shutdown is no more: Transit advocates weigh in

"Subway riders are sick of being lied to and jerked around"

Cuomo, citing new design, calls off full L train shutdown

The MTA may opt for a "new and innovative" design instead

Cuomo tours L train tunnel, seeking ‘best way’ to do repairs

"I need, personally, to feel confident in that decision"

Cuomo’s L train tunnel tour will disrupt overnight service

The governor’s tour is expected to last from midnight to 1:30 a.m. on Friday.

Demand for Williamsburg rentals dips ahead of L train shutdown

Williamsburg is the only New York neighborhood that saw a decrease in rental demand over the past year.

J/M/Z subway stations in Brooklyn get accelerated repairs to prep for L train shutdown

The Marcy Avenue station will be the most impacted in the weeks ahead.

The L train shutdown finally has a start date

The MTA announced a start date for the L train shutdown, along with dates for when mitigation efforts—such as new subway service and bus lines—will begin.

How New Yorkers will get around during the L train shutdown

Commuting alternatives during the 15-month shutdown included buses, ferries, and scooters.

Why biking is critical for surviving the L train shutdown

Cycling is a small but important part of the larger L train mitigation plans

Buses are the key to making the L train shutdown work—are they ready?

In many ways, the MTA’s replacement buses are the key to making the whole L train plan work

New details emerge for MTA’s L train shutdown ferries

Bigger boats, preliminary schedules, and more

Is the NYC subway ready for the L train shutdown?

The short answer: probably not

Where should you move to avoid the L train shutdown?

Check out eight alternatives to the Brooklyn neighborhoods that will bear the brunt of the L-pocalypse.

MTA will get larger ferry boats for L train shutdown route

The agency is aiming to increase capacity size on ferry boats from 149 to 240 passengers.

MTA will roll out temporary bus route in Canarsie during L train shutdown

The agency has announced plans to introduce the L5 to mitigate the affects of the 15-month shutdown.

New City Council legislation may make L train shutdown less painful

The legislation passed today calls for e-buses, information centers for the shutdown in both boroughs, and more

Williamsburg rent prices keep dropping ahead of L train shutdown

Rent prices within the neighborhood have declined to 2015 levels, while inventory is up 25 percent from last year.

L train riders will contend with 15 weekend closures ahead of April shutdown

There will be no service between Manhattan and Brooklyn for 15 weekends before the April 2019 Canarsie tunnel closure.

14th Street SBS will roll out 3 months ahead L train shutdown

The new 14th Street busway will debut in January 2019.

Council speaker to propose new information booths to aid in L train shutdown

City Council speaker Corey Johnson plans to introduce new legislation that aims to calm commuter chaos.