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L Train Shutdown

The L train shutdown begins in April 2019—here, you'll find everything you need to know about the MTA's plans for the NYC subway during the 15-month closure of the Canarsie line. Plus, how real estate will be affected, where you should move to avoid the shutdown, and more.

How the impending L train shutdown will affect rent prices in NYC

Prices in Williamsburg have flatlined, and renters may be able to score a deal—if they’re willing to deal with a potential commuting nightmare.

L train shutdown isn’t doing enough for riders with disabilities, elected officials say

The Brooklyn and Queens Borough Presidents have written to the MTA to do more before the 15-month shutdown.

L train shutdown mitigation plan prompts suit from lower Manhattan residents

The lawsuit calls for an environmental review and the installation of A.D.A.-accessible elevators at L train stations.

Village residents threaten lawsuit over L train shutdown plan

A labor lawyer behind the suit contends that the MTA and DOT haven’t performed a required environmental review

Latest quirky L train shutdown proposal is an East River pontoon bridge

The bridge would take just six to eight months to construct with its cost "completely covered" by $1 tolls.

Impending L train shutdown is still causing anxiety among New Yorkers

Many riders also seemed resigned to their fate and said they had to do the best with what they had

Now’s your chance to weigh in on the L train shutdown

To quell the fears of L train riders as the shutdown nears, the MTA and DOT will hold a series of community meetings in the next few weeks.