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The never-ending saga of Madonna and her co-op board continues

The Upper West Side rumble between Madonna and her co-op board roils on, and this time, the singer says the co-op board is going after her daughter.

Madonna to UWS co-op board: Don’t you know who I am?

In the latest court documents obtained by the Post, the singer’s lawyers claim that the board’s actions violate a state roommate law about a tenant’s immediate family using an apartment. The board asked that the lawsuit be thrown out.

Madonna is still beefing with her Upper West Side co-op board

Will Madonna’s real-estate woes never end? It seems unlikely: The iconic singer is embroiled in another fight, this time over an apartment she owns in the co-op building at 41 Central Park West, known as Harperley Hall.

Madonna Called Out for Restricting Parking Near Her UES Megamansion

It looks like Madonna is taking the concept of dibs to a whole new level: The legendary artist installed "Tenant Parking Only" signs outside of the home, and even having the words "No Parking" embedded into a curb cut.

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