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New Development Update-o-rama (Now w/ Map!)

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Been a while since we rounded up some new development tidbits in an update-o-rama, no? Well, even though it's 43,000 degrees outside and a holiday weekend is rapidly approaching, the news is coming fast and furious. Away we go:

1) 385 West 12th Street: The latest flag planted in the West Village (right) is not a July 4th symbol of pride, but rather an indication that FLAnk's crazy copper fortress has topped out at seven stories. Fun fact: Did you know that the site was the location of Diane von Furstenberg’s design studio and pied-à-terre, and her handprints remain embedded in the sidewalk? The more you know!

2) Star Tower: Long Island City's big boy around Queens Plaza has lavish hotel-quality amenities to drool over and now, per StreetEasy, pricetags to match. Though, at a $744/sqft average, it ain't so bad. But seeing a price over $1 million for an 11th floor apartment (the building will be 25 floors) makes us a little dizzy.

3) 15 Madison Square North: The building once linked to Jennifer Aniston is a little behind schedule. A source tell us that the East 26th Street development is delivering condos seven to nine months late.

4) The Solara: What's The Solara, you ask? Well, in case you didn't know, the city wants to revitalize the South Bronx. A major component of that is affordable housing, and The Solara is 160 co-op apartments being built between 167th and 169th Streets on Grant Avenue. They are currently in the midst of a housing lottery, and prices start as low as $108,815. SoBro!

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385 W 12th Street

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Star Tower

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