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Weekend Open House Tour: Hunters Point Still a Place

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It's been a while since we heard anything about Hunters Point. The Hunters Point South megaproject that was big news a year ago is still being built, but it won't be done until 2014 and, as such, Hunters Point has sort of fallen off the radar. But life goes on, as they say. There are still apartments in Hunters Point that people are buying and selling and living in, and probably some grocery stores, and maybe a foot doctor or something if you're lucky. And there are still some notable things about the neighborhood, such as the fact that it contains a Karl Fischer-designed luxury condo building called "The Powerhouse" that has lots of amenities such as a pool table and a weird-looking hot tub. But you'll know all about that after you take the tour.

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The Powerhouse

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One Murray Park

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Hunters View

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