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Moving to New York City

NYC’s broker fee system is changing: Here’s what that means for you

Do I have to pay a fee? Should I wait to find an apartment? And other questions about the broker’s fee changes, answered.

Their roommates left NYC during coronavirus. What happens when rent is due?

Some New Yorkers are experiencing newfound solitude—and anxiety over upcoming rent payments—after their roommates left town

New York’s broker fee ban is on hold until the summer

A lawsuit against state guidance on tenant broker’s fees has led to a temporary restraining order on the rule.

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A guide to NYC’s major apartment-finding websites

Looking for a new apartment? Bookmark these sites (or download these apps) to stay on top of what’s new to the market.

No more broker’s fees for NYC renters: Here’s what that means [Updated]

Say goodbye to the hefty fees that make renting a NYC apartment so expensive.

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The Curbed New York moving guide

Everything you need to know to make the city your home.

How to fix anything in your NYC neighborhood

From filing a noise complaint to getting a street tree planted on your block

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The ultimate guide to renting in NYC

Don’t get overwhelmed by the process—we’ve outlined how to set a budget, what to bring when you apply for an apartment, and more.

The New York City homebuying guide

Everything you need to know before launching a house hunt in NYC

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How to pick a New York City neighborhood

Eleven things to consider before choosing your new home

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Should you move to New York City?